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Some Things To Know Before Buying A French Bulldog

By 17th October 2016Puppies & Dogs
French Bulldog

Some Things To Know Before Buying A French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has been an excellent companion dog since the 1800s, but before purchasing a ‘Frenchie’, as they are sometimes known, you should weigh the pros and cons of the breed.

We will be discussing here today a little about this rare and beautiful breed, as well as any health problems that they have, and what things you need to buy before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy. In addition, we will also talk a bit about the critical first year of owning your Fench Bulldog puppy, all to help you make an informed decision as to whether this breed is for you.

Frenchies are small dogs, but very muscular and do not require as much exercise as larger dogs, making them ideal for apartments and smaller houses. They are fairly quiet dogs too, and may only bark when visitors arrive, though their bark is known to be quite soft, almost like a cat! This great companion dog, with cute bat like ears, wide expressive eyes, and are a squashy face, is also very easy to groom due to their short haired coat. Additionally, French Bulldogs come in many colours and love to play games, especially chasing balls  – although to be honest, what dog doesn’t?!

However, there are many possible health problems too, that you the owner needs to be aware of. As with all short faced breeds, there are some respiratory issues, meaning they will grunt, snort, snuffle, sniffle and even snore quite loudly at times. Nevertheless, many people find these traits adoring, while others find them annoying – it’s really an individual choice. You should do your best to minimise the respiratory issues by not using chemical cleaning products near them and certainly not smoking around them. Other health issues this breed faces are: eye diseases, joint issues and spinal disorders. In addition, there are possible heart conditions with Frenchies too, so it is important to get regular checkups at your local vet.

That said, before buying your French Bulldog puppy, be sure to purchase a good, comfortable bed, blanket, ball or other toys, a collar and a leash (a harness type is best). Once you bring your puppy home you will want him or her to feel as comfortable as possible, so s/he can settle in with no worries. Moreover, once your Frenchie is used to you and his new home, be sure to meet with your vet, ideally one that specialised in short-faced breeds, and even better, one that is familiar with French Bulldogs.

Frenchies, being pure breed dogs, are quite expensive, so it is extremely important to ensure that it is looked after properly, including getting annual injections and possibly a course of de-wormer treatment. Bear in mind that individual and annual injections can vary widely from country to country. Therefore, you should check with your vet what courses of inoculations your Frenchie will need, and how much of each type, as these costs can add up. A good vet will also give you a good diet plan, as well as informational paperwork on what you can do to keep your dog healthy throughout its life time.

The French Bulldog is loved by thousands of owners the world over, including the rich and famous, but because it is a rare breed and due to the fact they don’t have many pups in a litter, you may have to go on a waiting list when it comes to reserving your puppy. Moreover, it is not recommended to buy a Frenchie from anyone other than a reputable breeder, who knows the breed extremely well, and that includes pet shops, as you cannot guarantee where the pet shop has got its puppies from.  Additionally, a well-known French Bulldog breeder will give you in-depth information on the parents’ history as well as known hereditary health issues, and may even offer certain guarantees, as well as official paperwork. In closing, by following the guidelines above, you will ensure that the French Bulldog puppy that you do eventually get will be a great, lovable and above all, healthy companion for you and your family for years to come. Do let us know your Frenchie stories below!

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